Edited to correct inaccuracy in [ ] below

I haved tamed tasks to view the way I want in the task view. I've saved the view so if I fumble I can restore it.

My tasks are viewed by category and within the category, by due date. This means that any tasks without a due date are displayed first, followed by those with dates, appropriately ordered.

My issue is that I want the same view of tasks on my calendar view. And I can *almost* get it... but when I first open Outlook (Calendar is my default view), it drops any tasks without a due date. If I go into Customize Current View | Other Settings and uncheck "Use multi-line layout..." (which also doesn't stick, by the way...), click OK, OK, then all my due date-less tasks appear as they should. [ Ooops. They are not in correct order. I needed to refresh the sort by date to get them in the correct order. ]

Is there any way to make Outlook remember these settings? They are identical to the settings in Tasks, although that doesn't seem to matter. I have been able to set up the two views separately.

I know the Calendar view is date-oriented, but I'd really like to sneak my other tasks into the view without having to jiggle the handle every time I open Outlook.

Any thoughts, please? <img src=/S/confused3.gif border=0 alt=confused3 width=45 height=45>