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Thread: DDE and VB/VBA

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    Steve McE

    DDE and VB/VBA

    Does anyone know of a reason(s) why DDE functions should work differently (or not at all!) in VBA compared to VB? I have a E-mail function for cc:mail that will run in a Word template form but fail to execute completely in a VB app. The Word template references VBA332.DLL, while the VB app references MSVBVM60.DLL and I cannot get the project to reference the VBA dll. How do I make a second reference to a VB/VAB DLL in a VB project?

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    Re: DDE and VB/VBA

    VBA in Office apps runs inside the application engine. That's a whole 'nother thing from running in VB. If you post the code that isn't working and explain where it isn't working (i.e., in VB), someone will probably be able to steer you in the right direction.

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    Steve McE

    Re: DDE and VB/VBA

    Thanks for the help Charlotte and sorry for not responding sooner. I've been in an e-mail free zone for 2 weeks - if you can imagine that! I will re-post the code and hope for the best.

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