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    To: field autocomplete sources? (XP/2003)

    I remember seeing at some point a summary of how Outlook auto-completes the e-mail addresses that pop up in the TO field (etc.) Does any one else remember seeing this in one of the newsletters, and if so, can you point me to it?

    Specifically, I have a copy of Outlook where there are no contacts to speak of and nothing in the Windows Address Book, yet the auto-complete on the To: field still works. Outlook is obviously pulling the addresses from a list it compiled from the e-mails themselves, but where does it keep this information? Is this known or is it just stuffed in a "microsoft black bag" somewhere in the programs' innards?

    I upgraded to a new version of Outlook on a new machine. Transferred over the storage files to the new copy, so all the e-mails are there, but auto-complete in the address field no longer works. I'd like to fix it if I can.


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    Re: To: field autocomplete sources? (XP/2003)

    As addresses are recognized in the To box, they are added to a "nickname" file. While in theory you should be able to copy this file from one machine to another, I'm not sure about copying between 2000 and either 2002 or 2003: in Outlook 2002-2003, this file has the extension .nk2, and in Outlook 2000, it was .nick, and Microsoft supplied an editor. This strongly suggests that the format changed. Hope this helps.

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