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    Colon in File name??

    Help!!!!! If you create a document in word and save it in a document management system. (iManage.) It is open in word but you save the document again but with a colon in the file name, for example, test:document

    - then e-mail the document to somebody else. All they will see when they try to open the document is a paragraph marker.

    So far, we think it could be a problem with the odma integration, something to do with all fonts apart from courier not being recognized thats why, all you get is the paragraph marker........

    Have you seen or heard of this before? I've looked in the microsoft knowledge base but can't find anything. Any ideas???

    Am using word 97 sr2 and outlook 97 - with windows 95

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    Re: Colon in File name??

    This may or may not be the problem, but you may need to check your Exchange server for outgoing email settings. I don't know exactly what the settings would be, but I can check on that and post them up later, if you need them. We use DOCS Open at our office, and we have problems sending attachments to certain other companies.

    You can try running a test by sending the email to a few different email clients-to Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. If it works fine with those, it probably is a setting on the Mail server that needs tweaking.

    I hope this helps-let me know if you think you'll need the settings to fool with on the Exchange box.


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    Re: Colon in File name??

    A colon is an invalid character in a file name.

    This is/was used for different commands in DOS, namely adding additional information to a switch, such as with the /O (organize) with the Dir (directory) command. So if you wanted to sort the contents of a directory by date in descending order you would use:

    DIR /O:-D

    How are you saving the document with a colon??

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