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    Deleted messages are overstriked (Outlook XP -2002

    Someone I know asked me how come when she deletes messages from her inbox, the messages become "striked through" (in the inbox) and she has to do an extra thing from the EDIT menu to finally delete them.

    She would like to "turn this function" off and since I don't use Outlook I had no idea how to turn this off

    Does anyone here know what I'm talking about and how to deal with this ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Deleted messages are overstriked (Outlook XP -

    Your friend appears to be accessing her mail using the IMAP interface. IMAP keeps the messages on the server and downloads headers or, when requested, message bodies, for display. They also can be copied into a local folder. As the user deletes messages, they are marked, and then you use something like "purge" (in Outlook Express it's called purge, I'm not sure about Outlook 2002) to update the mailbox on the server.


    (1) change to using POP access (re-set-up the account -- assuming the ISP permits and the mail doesn't need to stay on the server);
    (2) change to a different mail client that doesn't behave this way.

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