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    Creating Jeopardy! Game out of PowerPoint (PowerPoint 2003)

    I'm trying to develop a Jeopardy! style game for my class using PowerPoint because I can set up a grid of "action buttons" and when I click on a particular "action button" and it would show me the "answer" slide (so players can give me the question form a la Jeopardy).

    It works PERFECTLY for my needs...only problem I'm having right now is that when I click on a particular action button, it shows the appropriate slide then when I click on an action button to "go back" to the categories, but the dollar value for that particular action button does not disappear. That confuses the players because they can't remember which category and value they have already chosen before.

    Using custom animations is worthless because I can't use more than one custom animation, because then it would try to make other numbers "disappear" in turn (but not allow me to "disappear" a category/value action button I choose). Any ideas how I can code this thing so that whenever I activate a particular action button, it would make the text box "invisible" so that players will know that that category/value is no longer a valid choice?

    I'm familiar with VBA but only for Access, so I'm a newbie for PowerPoint. I just need some ideas from you on how to get this working.


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    Re: Creating Jeopardy! Game out of PowerPoint (Pow

    You might take a look at this thread <post#=183,421>post 183,421</post#>
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    Re: Creating Jeopardy! Game out of PowerPoint (PowerPoint 2003)


    Fellow ppt mvp Glenna Shaw has it all mapped out here....

    If it cannot be done using regular powerpoint, then follow the links in the visual basic section....

    TAJ Simmons
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    awesome - powerpoint backgrounds

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