There's been quite a bit of traffic recently on PDF-related software. This is not so much a "software find" as an informative demo.

"PdfView - Peeking into the Internals of PDFs is a utility that displays the structural elements of a PDF document. Since its inception in 1993, PDF has gained popularity as the format for exchange of electronic documents and forms. It is possible to create a well-formed PDF just using a text editor. Simplicity of the format enables developers to create PDF documents using inhouse solutions, without resorting to any external toolkits. The problem is, it becomes difficult to traverse within that document you have created after a while, due the format's hierarchical structure and common use of indirect references within its objects. What's more, most PDF documents are a mixture of text and binary data. PdfView utility tries to address that problem and makes it possible to traverse within the PDF document tree visually. "

You will need to register to download files though.* Or if anyone is particularly interested, I could e-mail those referenced in the article.


* BTW, I've been with the Code Project for years, and they are not spammers - you don't even have to receive their (very good) newsletter if you don't want. The reason they want you registered in order to download is to limit usage of their limited bandwidth.