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Thread: Bye bye message

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    Bye bye message

    Aargh! and other suitable sounds.

    I've just finished posting a message about IE. Seeing that there was a little box to tick about version numbers, I went away and found them all out - which is quite a major achievement in IE! - and put them all in.

    I hit preview, and got an error message.

    Doh! I'd forgotten to tick the box. Never mind, I'll press the back button and.... WHERE'S IT GONE! My lovely message, trashed!

    Aargh! and other suitable sounds.

    All me browser settings are as recommended, so why should this be?


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    Re: Bye bye message

    The version requirement doesn't need to be excessive, just something like IE 5.5, or whatever. The box is only meant to apply to the board you're in, not to everything.

    Aside from that, you didn't specify what error message you got when you hit the back button, but it sounds like the page may have expired while you were doing your research.

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