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Thread: ScanReg Problem

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    ScanReg Problem

    Hi: I have a problem with Scanreg. When I run it from the DOS prompt, all switches work except /fix. When I type scanreg /fix it "hangs up" every time when checking the system registry. Any ideas? Would appreciate any help.

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    Re: ScanReg Problem

    When you say 'from a DOS prompt,' do you mean outside of Windows?

    However, you could run Scanreg without the /fix switch and manually instal a previous back-up. Provided it has no errors it should let you use it.

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    Re: ScanReg Problem

    I have tried running scanreg /fix after restarting from dos prompt in windows and after booting directly to the dos prompt on startup. Neither work. I have used scanreg to reinstall a backup but it apparently does not go back far enough. Apparently scanreg automatically makes a backup on each startup and only retains the most recent five unless it is instructed otherwise.

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