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    Date Problem (2002)

    I have a project where every three months there is a review on consolidated data. I need to be able to take 2 dates...a start date and an end date and then put quarter review dates into a table starting from the sart date up until the end date. i used the date add function but then i realised something. Some of the time spans will no always specifically fit into quarters (3 months). Can someone enlighten me as to how i can get the right dates for end periods. so if there is a project lasting 14 months and 4 days (only an example) it will put 4 quarter dates in the table and then a date 2months and 4days from the last quarter made.
    your help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Date Problem (2002)

    Using the DateAdd is fine, just test to see if the "quarter date" is greater than the "end date". If so, use the end date instead


    I think you're also going to have to account for a project that is 11 months and 28 days. You don't want two reviews days apart, do you?


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