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Thread: PowerPoint 2000

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    Jeff Davidson

    PowerPoint 2000

    I have installed, uninstalled and reinstalled PowerPoint 2000 Windows ME on my laptop -PIII, 256MB, 1GHz, 10GB drive. Everything works fine except, I can not get the microphone to be recognized for slide narration. YES!! It is recognized in the Windows sound recorder and works fine. Need to narrate slide presentation soon. Please help!

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    Re: PowerPoint 2000

    When I tried recording following the Office Assistants instructions; using the Set Microphone Level, the program said, "PowerPoint is not receiving sound from the microphone".
    I ignored this warning, and selected OK in the Record Narration dialog box.
    When I tested the slide, the recording was fine. Perhaps your version of PowerPoint is giving you the same false information.

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