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    Access 2003 SP2 - Ouch! (Access 11/Sp2)

    I have been have some random crashes in Access 2003 recently, since installing the latest windows 2000 updates. It seems to happen more to the databases connected to MySQL odbc. So I installed the Service Pack 2 of Office 2003, but now every database has random crashes (the error reporter that sends the crash details to MS sends a lot of data as it opens a new window to do it and it takes some time on fast broadband) plus even the repair and compact crashes... [img]/forums/images/smilies/sad.gif[/img]

    I've tried a decompile and the database drops from 24M to 9M but it still crashes. I have also tried creating a new database and importing the old one into it but that crashes as well...

    Does anyone have any ideas other than uninstalling Office 2003 Service Pack 2? I am in the process of trying the uninstall at the moment.

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    Re: Access 2003 SP2 - Ouch! (Access 11/Sp2)

    Can't help much with the ODBC mySQL crashes as we haven't used it, but most 2003 applications we have seem pretty stable with either SP1 or SP2 installed. Maybe someone else can give you some pointers.

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