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    Using reading layout with high resolution (3.0)

    I have a large monitor hooked up to a docking station and am trying to figure out the best way to read documents without printing. The Reading Layout is a great concept, but the text looks pixelated and fuzzy. The Word documentation suggests turning off ClearType fonts, which helps a little. The best solution I have found so far is to set a high resolution for my desktop monitor and use Print Layout view.

    I would prefer to use Reading Layout. For those who don't know, Reading Layout is not WSIWIG - it chooses the largest fonts that fit your viewing space. When I try Reading Layout at high resolution, Word lays out a page that extends the height of my screen, but selects fonts appropriate to a lower resolution. The text ends up crammed into the top half of the page. Does anyone know how to fix this? If there were a solution, it would be a great way to read long documents on a large high-resolution monitor.

    One work around is to set a high resolution through Control Panels > Display Properties > Settings and, at the same time, increase the DPI setting under the Advanced Menu, provided your video adapter allows it. The downside of this approach is that you have to reboot, adjust the mouse tracking speed, and various other disply properties. The text looks great though.

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    Re: Using reading layout with high resolution (3.0

    I don't know that I have an answer, but I'm curious as to both the monitor size & resolution. When I use the reading layout in Word 2003, whether I select mulitple pages or not from the Reading Layout toolbar, my text appears clear. Are you using True Type fonts, or something else?

    By the way, you can get to the Advanced tab, if you're on Win XP, by right clicking on the Desktop & choosing Properties/Settings tab/Advanced tab. Also, on that tab is an option to apply the new settings without restarting.

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