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    "Refresh" data in subform

    I have a subform on my main form that lists employee appraisal dates. I click a button from my main form to open the "promotion" form. When I close the "promotion" form, all the appraisal dates are updated (using delete, append, and union queries). The only problem is that the subform displays "*deleted*" instead of the new dates.

    I've tried using the refresh and requery commands on the form and subform (on open and on activation), but these have not worked.

    Can someone tell me how to get the information in the subform updated with the new dates when I go back to the main form? Thanks!

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    Re: "Refresh" data in subform

    There are several places to put it, depending on how you call that promotion form. In your promotion form's Close event, you can tell it to requery the subform on the mainform, like this (substitute your own form and control names):

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