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    Font won't change (2003)

    I have found on several occasions that if I paste text from a Word document into an email then ttry to change the font of that text to match the rest of the email, nothing happens - I select the font I want off the list, but it doesn't actually change it. I am not using Word as my email editor and I generally use HTML format for my emails. Text that I have typed in rather than pasted in can be changed perfectly well.

    What is going on?


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    Re: Font won't change (2003)

    It could be something about the way Outlook is transferring over formatting from Word. If you right click and view source on your message, you may find that the text copied from Word is tagged with a style that is difficult to override with manual formatting. I think that Edit>Paste Special may not be available in Outlook's HTML editor. So after you paste, you can select the pasted text and press Ctrl+Spacebar to try to force the pasted text to your "normal" style.

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