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    update query (Access 2000)

    Can you help me with the error in query for updating a field in a subform.
    The query i have is the following :

    UpdateCartons = "UPDATE Products SET products.branch0 = products.branch0 - Me! cartons "
    DoCmd.RunSQL "Updatecartons"

    There must be some errors in it.I am also applying the database

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    Re: update query (Access 2000)

    You cannot use Me! in an SQL string. You must put it outside the quotes (and remove the space after it). Moreover, you must run the SQL before moving to the next record, otherwise you'll use the value of cartons from the next record.
    The RunSQL instruction should have UpdateCartons as argument, since that is the name of the variable, not "UpdateCartons".
    Your SQL statement will update every record in the Products table. Shouldn't it be only be the record for the current ProductID?

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