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    Counting Groupings (Access XP)

    Hi all. I've researched this question here, but can't seem to find an answer that applies to what i need to do.
    I created a report that shows the work waiting to be processed in a department. It is grouped (from highest level to lowest) by Due Date, then by JobType, and then by Job. The reason I'm grouping by job is that each Job can comprise several tasks (which is the smallest level of granularity that I use.)
    At the top of the form, I have a simple text box showing the total number of tasks. However, I've also been asked to add another text box that shows the number of Jobs (for the bean-counters.) I'm finding that, whereas it was quite simple to "=Count()" the number of tasks, I just can't seem to show the number of Jobs.
    I put a hidden text-box called "JobCounter" in the Jobs header, setting its data-source to "=1" and its running-total property to True, and then tried using =[JobCounter] to tally that that. But I found that the total was only accurate when I put =[JobCOunter] in the Report Footer; when I put it in the Report Header, it only shows a value of "1".
    Any ideas what I'm doing wrong, and how I can possible show the total in the Header, not the Footer?
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    Re: Counting Groupings (Access XP)

    The Report Header is formatted when the report is opened, before getting the records, so at that point JobCounter still has its initial value of 1. If putting the count in the report footer is not acceptable, you will have to use another way to get the job count, probably using DCount: create a query qryJobs that returns the unique Jobs, and use a text box with control source
    in the report header.

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