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Thread: SQL help (SQL)

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    SQL help (SQL)

    Please find attached an example of 2 tables. One table lists all the positions in the (big) table from the history. The second table are the employees and the assigned position. What I am looking for is to join the two tables but only display the positions that are not attached to a person. I also must have the top most record for the position since the (big) table can have multiple records for one position number. I have the sql statement to get the top most record but how do i join the two tables and return the records that don't exist in the personposition table.

    This is what I have so far:

    select PositionCode, PositionStartDate, PositionEndDate
    from vPositionHist pbh
    Where pbh.PositionStartDate= (select max(PositionStartDate) From vPositionHist pbh1
    where pbh.PositionCode=pbh1.PositionCode and pbh1.PositionStartDate<getdate())
    order by positioncode

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    Re: SQL help (SQL)

    I would create the query using the Find Unmatched Query Wizard, then look at the SQL of the query generated by the wizard.

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