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    Reply Font (Outlook 2002)

    I received a message and open it. The font is New Times Roman and 12 pts. I do a reply or reply to all and the font is still New Times Roman and 12 pts. I do a Ctrl+A to select whole message and I then press the delete key. My font how is Tacoma 10 pts. when I type. I still want New Times Roman and 12 pts. Why does this happen?? If I don't select the original message and don't delete it and just start typing, it is New Times Roman and 12 pts.

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    Re: Reply Font (Outlook 2002)

    If Word is not being used as the e-mail editor then you can change the font settings within Outlook by using "Tools>Options...", on the "Mail Format" tab under "Stationery and Fonts" click the Fonts button.

    If Word is the e-mail editor then in Word select "Tools>Options...", on the General tab select "E-mail Options..." and the settings for fonts used are on the "Personal Tab"

    Under the above settings check to see if Tacoma 10 pts is selected.

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    Re: Reply Font (Outlook 2002)

    Is it an HTML message? Try changing the format to Plain Text if you don't plan to preserve the preexisting contents. This will flush any stationery settings from the message.

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