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    Outlook on Send (Outlook 2003)

    I have done some VBA programming in Outlook, but I haven't figured out how to start this one. I need to add a button to email forms with additional functionality to just Sending the email. I need a button that will both add a couple of cc or bcc addresses when sending. But with various forms (new message, reply, forward - both Outlook and Word as editors), how do I get this button to always be available and call the appropriate code when clicked?

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    Re: Outlook on Send (Outlook 2003)

    The Word and Outlook object models are a bit different, so I can only speak to Outlook. In Outlook, you can use VBA and the event model, or VBScript in the item's form. VBA is better in that it can handle all types of forms (odd forms may be present with replies and forwards).

    You can create macros and add buttons, or if you know in advance more or less which messages need these features, you could hook into the user clicking send. Here is an example of how to do that: Re: Prompt for Account (2003).

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