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    continuous form and combo box (2002)

    I have another problem!
    I have a continuous form for people to allocate a budget to three cost centres
    i have these three cost centres in a combo box, they select the cost centre and enter its budget, however when they go down to the next record when they change the combo box the other one changes. How can i stop this?
    Also i would like to get rid of the blank line at the end of the records, how do i do this? Please help


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    Re: continuous form and combo box (2002)

    Is the combo box bound to a field? If so, it should display the cost centre for each individual record. If, however, the combo box is not bound to a field, it'll show the same value in all records, since there is in fact only one combo box.

    The "blank line" is probably the new record. The only way to get rid of that is to disable the possibility to enter a new record by setting the Allow Additions property of the form to No. That may not be what you want.

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