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    When is a blank not a blank? (2002 SP3)

    Whenever I create a new "Blank Presentation" from the New Office Document dialog, I get a presentation which has a slide that is not blank as it has 2 text boxes on it. To get the Blank Presentation blank, I have to click on the blank layout to make it blank. It seems that Powerpoint thinks that a layout called "Title and Text" is actually blank, except when presenting them in the slide layouts pane.

    How can I convince Powerpoint that I want new presentations and new slides to be really blank by default?

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    Re: When is a blank not a blank? (2002 SP3)

    With "Blank Presentation", Microsoft means that there is no special formatting - no colors, no background picture, etc. They assume that you want to create a standard type presentation, i.e. the first slide is the title slide - hence the place holders for title and subtitle. (They are only placeholders, not text boxes. If you leave them blank, they will not be displayed in presentation view)

    You can download a free add-in OfficeOne: Set Default Slide Layout that will allow you to set the default slide layout.

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