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Thread: web page (XP)

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    web page (XP)

    I am not very familiar with publisher, so forgive me if this question is easier than I think it is!! A friend asked me to make a sale page for their website...I don't have Front Page so I did it in Publisher. If I create it as a Web Page, does that transfer over into html? Also, if I create it using the web page template, what is the right size to center in the screen and to not have to scroll. I tried both sizes given but they were skewed to the left and required scrolling. Thanks for any help!! Sarah

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    Re: web page (XP)

    I'm using 2003, but I think the options in XP are the same. When you save your file, it will be saved as a Publisher file, but when you Publish to the Web, it will be converted to HTML. If you are using an external FTP program (rather than the built in Publish to the Web feature), you should save your file in both formats - i.e. save it as a .pub file and then save it again as an html file. Publisher's Help function has quite a bit of information on creating and uploading web pages.

    As for scrolling, you really have limited control over that. It depends on the user's screen size and screen resolution. I usually don't worry about vertical scrolling but I try not to design a page that must be scrolled horizontally. Probably the lowest resolution of most current monitors is 800 X 600 pixels (although there still are probably some 640 X 480 screens still in use). So if you want absolutely no vertical or horizontal scrolling, design your page(es) to fit within the 800 X 600 boundaries.
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