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    Save as a web page

    I created a web page in Publisher 2000 and had no problem when I saved it to a folder, and then transfered all the files to my server. But I just upgraded to 2002 Office and when I opened the web page in Publisher 2002 it asked if I wanted to save it to the new format and I said yes, and then when I told it to save it as a web page, it didn't give me an option of a folder to save it to (2000 used publish) and now it creates a html page in one directory and a folder with that html title as the folder name and all the image files and web pages in that folder, but if I upload that the web site doesn't show up. When I try to put it all in one folder on the server, nothing shows up either. Since I now have front page, I'll probably start using that as my web editor, but until that time, I need to get my web page back online with the changes I made in 2002. Does anyone know what going on with the 2002 Save as web page feature vs. the 2000 feature and if there is a realitively simple solution. Thanks. <img src=/S/grovel.gif border=0 alt=grovel width=31 height=23>

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    Re: Save as a web page

    Visit the following link for more info on how to publish your Publisher 2002 web page:

    <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>

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