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    Mailmerge to Email (Office/Word 2003 SP2)

    Here's the scoop. When I do a Word doc with one or two .jpg's, and formatted text, I do a mailmerge to email to send it to myself before my contacts list to see how it looks when it comes in. Say it arrives in my outlook and looks fine. If I forward it from there, the picture(s) are skewed, and the document looks bad. So I go back into Word and send it to my contacts. I've tried using tables to hold the pictures still ... but Outlook still doesn't like to forward or re-use and edit prior email flyers that I've created.

    Am I doing something wrong, or is this just the way it goes?

    Does anybody have any other ideas for email flyers with trying to keep the email filesize down?

    TIA, --Jim

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    Re: Mailmerge to Email (Office/Word 2003 SP2)

    I use Outlook's built-in editor as my mail editor, so your mileage may vary...

    When I forward an HTML message, it occasionally gets some strange format changes, but when it is received, it looks normal again. I know that is not very comforting if you are doing a mass mailing, but you could try it and see what you receive. It also might help to make sure that your "stationery" is the same for replies as for the mail merge, so that there is no disagreement within the forwarded message about which stationery's settings should be used.

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