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    pst. folders (Office 2003)

    Hello everyone,

    My first time in the lounge, so please be patient.

    At home I'm using "Office 2000", and at work "Office 2003".
    I want to have all my contacts (both work & personal) available on both PCs.
    I have a "memory stick" that I can Import/Export to and from, but can't seem to import files correctly. The Import/Export Wizard seems to do it's stuff, but I Can't seem to find the imported files.
    All I want to do, is at the end of each week, export all contacts (new and old) to my memory stick, then import them to one or other PC.

    Can this be done? I've tried the MS Help but to no avail

    Hope you can help,

    With thanks


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    Re: pst. folders (Office 2003)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    Outlook 2003 uses a new file format for .pst files, different from that used in previous versions, so if you export a .pst file from Outlook 2003, you won't be able to use it in Outlook 2000. See Microsoft Office Assistance: Use an Outlook 2003 .pst with earlier versions of Outlook.

    BTW, I would create the .pst file on C: first, then copy it to the memory stick in Windows Explorer.

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    Re: pst. folders (Office 2003)

    I suggest this. On your home system, use File>New>Personal Folders File (pst) to create an empty PST file on your memory stick (e.g., Portable.pst). View the folder list (tree diagram to the left of the Inbox), right-click the new Personal Folders and use Properties>Advanced to give it a more useful name (e.g., MyPortablePST). This change affects the display in the Folder list, but not the file name.

    Drag a copy of the relevant contacts from your home Contacts folder to the Contacts folder in Portable.pst.

    When you are done using the stick, before removing it, right-click MyPortablePST (or whatever name you chose) in the file list and Close or Disconnect it.

    At work, use File>Open>Outlook data file to access the file on your memory stick. Drag and drop the relevant contacts into the Contacts folder in the Portable.pst (MyPortablePST). Again, remember to close the PST from the File List before removing the memory stick.

    Important: please do not violate company policies in this process. Just because something "can" be done doesn't mean that you have permission to do it. <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15>

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