I'm taking over a project that someone else started, so I'm looking for some guidance. My predecessor developed our company Intranet in ASP.NET, with some modules that we purchased from a company called SnowCovered (i think). As it stands right now, if we want to set specific security roles on the Intranet we have to add users manually, then assign them roles, or to groups. It would be nice if this site were integrated with Active Directory so that all of our users and groups were in there automatically. Does anyone know off hand if this is possible or not. If so, do you know of any literature I could read to get this process started. AND, because I know little to none about the setup of ASP.NET (I've only worked in these Intranet modules as an admin assigning permissions, etc.), does anyone have a good reference site to begin with since it looks like I'm going to be making some changes to this thing. Thanks a lot for any help you can give. Sat.