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    Access 97 Linked table error (Access 97/QSL Server 2000)

    I have an Access query which inserts records from a native Access 97 table into an ODBC linked table on our SQL Server. On some occasions when I run this, I am getting the error "Syntax error near .DBO" being returned from ODBC after the customry Access ODBC eror message. The query is being executed via docmd.openquery. When I open the query, it will sometimes run and sometimes not run. Needless to say there is no reference to .DBOP anywhere in the query.

    Has anyone got any ideas what I should look for to resolve this?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Access 97 Linked table error (Access 97/QSL Server 2000)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    If you open the query in design view, then select View | SQL, do you see dbo. anywhere? Linked SQL Server tables are often named something like dbo.SomeTable.

    Without knowing more about the query, it's impossible to say why it would cause errors sometimes,

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    Re: Access 97 Linked table error (Access 97/QSL Server 2000)

    Two possibilities to look at. First, does you SQL Table have a timestamp field? Experience has shown that doing appends, even with bound forms, will fail occasionally if the table doesn't have a timestamp field. The second possibility is that you have an issue with your Data Access components - there is a component checker that you can use to determine if everything is up to current standards and consistent. Since Access 97 is getting pretty long in the tooth, you may also have an issue there with the ODBC drivers.

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