This may have nothing to do with VS2003/.NET, but I am experiencing persistent and gradually increasing instability in my system, and it seemed to have started around the time I installed VS2003. I deinstalled the package and problems persisted, so I re-installed again. The basic problem is the attached error message. This comes up WHENEVER I try to print Acrobat files and appears fairly quickly on opening Word docs and Outlook Word attachments. If you click OK the application closes, if you click Cancel you go into a debug session in VS where you are priviledged to see the machine language in the app.

In messing around with things yesterday, I noticed a process called aspnet_wp.exe was taking up a lot of RAM and, in researching that, found it was a NET 1.1 bug that I seem to have fixed after running the SP for 1.1 I also installed ASP.NET Security SP for kicks.

Although those patches seem to have help my system be a little more responsive, I'm still getting these alerts. Do you think this is a SW problem, or is it more likely to be HW?

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