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    Converting Endnotes

    Word document that contains endnotes. This document will be split - endnotes/references will be in one file while body of report is in another file.

    Currently, we are "hard coding" in the endnote number within the file and copying the info regarding the endnote text out to a file and renumbering/hard coding the number in.

    Can this be done with a word macro? Can we look for an endnote, know what number it is and copy it back into the word file as a "number", not as an automated endnote?

    Again, the body of the report has to remain in one file while the endnotes/references are in another file.

    Word 97 - SR-2

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    Re: Converting Endnotes

    I suggest that you use the endnote feature and at the end of the text portion of the file, put a hard page break and create an extra page, on which the endnotes will begin to appear. When printing, do not print the range of pages on which the endnotes appear. Then, in Normal View, go to the View Footnotes and in the Footnotes pane, select all the endnotes and paste them to another file. You might have to reset the starting number of the endnotes in each chapter to ensure that the numbers across chapters do not overlap.

    If you want a continuous single series of endnotes across, say, several chapters of a book to print as if they were a separate chapter, the easiest way of doing that is to Insert all the Chapters into a single file after all chapters are done. This will bring the endnotes of the whole book together in one place with continuous numbering. Then, do the same as above, and you can then copy the consolidated text of all Endnotes and put them into a single chapter at the end of the book.

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