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    Report / Query Variable (2003 (11.5614.5606))

    I am looking for help! I have built a report based on a query that has two variables. The first variable is a set of date parameters. The second variable is a "Manager ID". I want the report to run individually for the entire list of "Manager ID"s that I have in a table. The big concept is then to e-mail the report to each "Manager".

    I do not have a VIsual Basic background. I would describe what I want to do as create a loop where
    1. The variable gets assigned to record #1 in Manager Table
    2. Report is run
    3. Report is e-mailed to record #1's e-mail address, which is a field in Manager table
    4. Process loops / goto / repeat for record #2,
    5. Loop until no more records.

    I think the concept is easy but I don't have the specific skills. If anyone can help with some sample code, I'd be greatly appreciative.

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    Re: Report / Query Variable (2003 (11.5614.5606))

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    You'll need to develop some VBA skills while doing this. Check out <post#=275460>post 275460</post#> for an approach using SendObject, and the thread starting at <post#=218831>post 218831</post#> for an approach using Automation to control Outlook from Access.

    Feel free to post back with more questions!

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