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    pages to work on following a starting forma (word 2000)

    I a mwondering if there is a way to add pages to word....
    I have a report to make and know it will be 10 pages. Can i have it set to 10 pages automatically before I add any information? Then to each of the 10 pages add the same title (like a header but large) and add the same pic

    Attached is the document with the first page having the titla I want on each page and the pic. I know there is probably an easy way of doing just need to hear how you experts do it.
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    Re: pages to work on following a starting forma (word 2000)

    Select View | Header and Footer...
    Place the logo and the text in the header area. It will automatically be displayed on each page.
    You can also use the header and/or footer to display the page number, number of pages etc.

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