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    Disappearing Text

    We have a secty. with Word 97 SR-1 & 2. She is emailing her attorney (he has Word 2000) documents. When he receives them, opens them in Normal view, everything graphic shows, but not the text. He can view the text in Print Layout just fine, but nothing in Normal.

    I saved the document from the email to his hard drive and opened it up in Word - behold, the text was able to be seen in Normal.

    What could be the sticking point on this problem? Any suggestions?

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    Re: Disappearing Text

    >What could be the sticking point on this problem?

    Fonts and/or styles associated with individual Normal.dots

    >Any suggestions?

    Sure. Have the invisible user SAVE A COPY OF THE FAULTY DOCUMENT and then on the saved copy select all the document (Ctrl-A) and then reset all local formatting (Ctrl-space). If the text sudeenly appears, it is fer sure a font/style problem.

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    Re: Disappearing Text

    Hi Leslist,

    It sounds like a problem with Hidden text. You have Hidden text turned on but the recipient doesn't.

    If you turn off your nonprinting characters (<Ctrl Shift *> or on the Standard toolbar) and the text disappears then that is the problem. Also note that you may want to check Tools/Options/View and verify that "Hidden Text" is turn on/off there too.

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