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    Two Axis, Stacked Bar Chart (Powerpoint 2002)

    I am trying to create a Powerpoint graph that is a stacked bar chart and has a secondary X-Axis. The total of the stacked bar is 5 million and the components are part of that 5 million. The secondary X-Axis is in thousands and will be a line. How do I enter the data for the stacked bar where one year (for example) has a total expense of 5 million, and two categories within total expense of 1.3 million and 500K? So the bar will be at the 5 million mark and the components will be part of that bar. Then how do I create the secondary X-Axis and not have it be included in part of the 5 million total?

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    Re: Two Axis, Stacked Bar Chart (Powerpoint 2002)

    Could you attach a 1-slide presentation with what you have so far?

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