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    Font and window sizes

    Is there a way to enlarge the OPEN, SAVE etc. pop up windows in Windows 2000?

    I've purchased a 19" flat panel monitor with a native resolution of 1280 x 1024 and want to use that resolution for sharpness and clarrity. I've managed to enlarge many font and icon sizes throughout windows (Display, Appearance tab) and in many programs but haven't found a way to enlarge the font and window size of the generic Windows 2000 OPEN, SAVE etc. windows.

    The font size of files etc. in these windows does seem to be affected by the font size I choose for ICON in the Display, Appearance settings (it seems to be tied to the font size I achieve in Windows Explorer), but the window stays small as well as the descriptive text displayed in the Title bars etc.

    BH Davis

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    Re: Font and window sizes

    Same reply as for Windows XP:

    Yes, the same way you can resize most windows: drag any of the edges of the Open/Save dialog. The selected size is usually remembered during the session, but not between sessions, although there are applications that do remember the size, such as Office XP.

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