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    Data Access Pages (Win XP Access 2003)

    I am confused. I create a DAP from one table and it is updatable, I can add new records, and can eliminate records. When I create a DAP with the assistent using two tables, the DAP will not let me add new records. (The new record is missing one of the fields. As an example, using Categories and Products, the grouping field Category ID is missing.)

    I am following sample code, and still cannot get it to work. Can it be done?

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    Re: Data Access Pages (Win XP Access 2003)

    In general, tables must have a primary key in order to be updateable from a DAP, but when you use two tables (presumably actually a query that joins the two tables), DAPs may well treat that as not updatable unless the primary key of both tables is included in the query. The Access help may clear this up a bit - there's a fairly good discussion of when queries are updateable and when they are not.

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