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    SetFocus (Aces 2000)

    In my main form i have a control called "Revise" setting the focus to a specific control in the subform, called "UnitPrice":
    If i click the control, then i have no problems, the focus goes to the control UnitPrice.If hoewever, by inadverence
    i click at first on some other control,on the subform, not UnitPrice, and then click on the control "Revise", i get the message "You cant go to the specified record"
    runtime error 2105.What i want , is the folloiwng: if by mistake somebody clicks at first on some other control, and just then on the control Revise, to happen nothing
    and no message to appear.
    May i have some help ?

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    Re: SetFocus (Aces 2000)

    There may be other code interfering, or some situation we don't know about. Without seeing the database, it's impossible to say what is happening.

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