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    Dynamic Fields

    I am needing to find out if there is a way to use a Pull down list to access the table I need to fill in or will I just have to create xx amount of forms for each table?? Just trying to limit the switching back and forth between several forms. And data is different in every table. Access 2000

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    Re: Dynamic Fields

    Well, the guy I am making this DB for wants the impossible to begin with, but basically he has a lot of different items to enter and they all have different attributes associated with them. So the field names need to be somewhat unique for each item. I think it is more work that it is worth, but I thought I would check. Thanks for the response though. I need to figure out a different approach for him.

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    Re: Dynamic Fields

    Unless the tables have same field names in them, which doesn't sound likely from your description, the form would need to be somewhat customized for each. What do you mean by "switching back and forth between several forms" anyhow?

    Forms are generally interfaces to a particular set of data, which may live in one or several tables. What are you trying to do? It might be possible to create several subforms for different data sources and put those on a tab control on a single parent form, but without more information about what you need, I hesitate to recommend that.

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