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    access 2002 ADP - SQL server (2002)

    Hi there every one. im converting a form to use ADO and stored proceeduresand im just wondering the best way to do this. let me give you some information and then let me hear your opinions.
    The form is basicall a glorified customers form with lots and lots of information on there. In this form the user selects a customer from a combo box and the recordsource goes to the record of the customer selected. This form is also used to enter data only when the add record cmd button is pushed. So would the best way to do this form be make the recordsource a stored proceedure to show the records when viewing and then use unbound text boxes when entering data?
    any help would be greatly appreciated, and if you need any more information then please contact me when ever you can.

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    Re: access 2002 ADP - SQL server (2002)

    A couple of points to consider:
    Choosing a customer using a combo box works well if you don't have too many customers, but if you have say 10,000 or 100,000 then it's not such a good idea. In that case you might want to use a custom search procedure that let's the user search by name or other qualifier and then populate the form based on the search. That could well be a sproc that returns data to the form. The idea is not to return a lot of records to the form if you can avoid it.

    The other thing to consider is the table design you are working with. If the data is stored in several tables, then you almost certainly want to use an unbound form and populate it from an sproc. On the other hand if the data is all in one (or two tables that can be joined in a view) then you might consider binding the form and using a filter to only show one record at a time.

    On a final note, you can use ADO with either an MDB front-end or with an ADP front-end, so using ADO doesn't imply having to use the ADP format. You will find the ADP environment requires significantly greater development effort than the MDB in a general sense, often without any performance gain. Just my <img src=/S/2cents.gif border=0 alt=2cents width=15 height=15>.

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