Access 97 SR2: I had received the following message, and could not find help for it -- but, I revisited my form and I'm okay now. First, the mystery message:
"The expression On Click you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: Automation error."
Trying to capture the "err" number resulted in nothing. What I had was a main form and a subform both pulling from the same data source. Whereas it seemed to work before (but only the nested form fields could be edited), it began to fail with the above message. I removed the form datasource, made the main field be a unbound combo, joined the subform to the combo box name, and everything is copasetic. (If the table were normalized into two, I wouldn't have stumbled into this error .) -- just for anyone's information, since I find that someone in this forum _has_ stumbled across this already. -- thx, Pat