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    OL2002 Insert -> Item using WORD email editor?

    I am running OL2002 (with the rest of Office XP and Exchange 5.5). I like using the WORD email editor option. So far, using it hasn't triggered the crashes I have read about in reviews of this version...or those that I personally experienced with earlier versions.

    I like to insert contact cards, copies of other email messages, task items etc. into my email messages. The Insert -> Item command is available in the basic Outlook email editor, but it is not there when I switch to the WORD email editor option. I am able to do it by creating a new email message, returning to my main Outlook screen, dragging the item I want to insert down to the (now minimized) message and holding it there, saying OK to the warning, and then dragging it into the message body. But that is slower than the Insert -> Item command...especially if I am inserting a contact and need to scroll through a large file of contact cards.

    Is there an equivalent to the "The Insert -> Item command " in the WORD email editor? Have I missed something?

    Thoughts and suggestions MUCH appreciated.

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    Re: OL2002 Insert -> Item using WORD email editor?

    beside the send button, there should be a paperclip icon, it has the insert file and insert item options on it.

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    Re: OL2002 Insert -> Item using WORD email editor?

    I had used the paper clip button to insert files, but I had overlooked the drop menu next to it giving one the choice of inserting files or items.

    Much appreciated.

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