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    Copy/paste to filtered list

    In Excel 97, I sometimes need to copy/paste to and from a filtered list. I can copy FROM the list by selecting "Select visible cells" then copy and paste to an unfiltered range somewhere else.

    My problem is copying TO a filtered list. When I copy to the list, it fills in even the cells that are "hidden" or filtered out. When I first select "Select visible cells" then do a paste into that selected range, it copies the value from my first copied cell into all the selected cells. (For example, if I want to copy the values "10", "20", "30", "40" from four cells to my filtered list, it populates the four cells with "10" when I have first selected visible cells.)

    Is there a way around this? I'm spending a lot of time doing manual input.

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    Re: Copy/paste to filtered list

    I have never been able to copy/past an entire filtered list. I do it on a row by row basis, looking at the hidden property of each row. If Not .Hidden then do the copy/paste. Hope this helps! --Sam
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