Opera for Windows 9.0 Build 8031 Technology Preview 1 beta.
Latest Changes:
User Interface: Enhanced pop-up blocker to detect more unwanted pop-ups
User Interface: Added new message console for warnings and error messages
User Interface: Added opera:config for managing preferences
User Interface: 'Find' feature now highlights all matches when searching for text on the page
User Interface: Added internal source viewer
User Interface: Implemented tab locking
User Interface: New bookmark icon in address bar
User Interface: Fix to prevent key presses being lost after using Alt+Tab
User Interface: Updated search.ini
User Interface: Changed keyboard shortcuts for closer cross-browser compatibility
Messaging and Newsfeeds: Enabled new IMAP code
Messaging and Newsfeeds: New account storage format
Messaging and Newsfeeds: Added support for Atom 1.0
Messaging and Newsfeeds: External embeds are now always allowed in newsfeeds, and are not disabled when the "Surpress external embeds" preference is set
Messaging and Newsfeeds: Fix to prevent chat windows going blank when redrawing from cache
Security: TLS 1.1 and TLS Extensions enabled by default
Security: SSL v2 and weak encryption methods (56 bit and lower) are disabled by default
Security: Upgraded crypto library to OpenSSL 0.9.8
HTML: Added support for WebForms 2
HTML: Implemented support for canvas
HTML: Improved handling of the align attribute
HTML: Removed support for XML namespaces in HTML documents
HTML: Allowed negative numbers in numbered lists
HTML: Added support for xml:id
HTML: Added option to re-parse invalid XML documents as HTML after XML parsing has failed
HTML: Fix to prevent minimized boolean attributes from being ignored if they are followed immediately by a / character
HTTP: Changed default UserAgent string to identify as Opera
HTTP: Fixes to prevent delays when using proxy servers
HTTP: Added support for the HTTP Link header
Scripting: Added support for XSLT 1.0 and the XSLTProcessor constructor
Scripting: Added support for XPath 1.0
Scripting: Implemented designMode for rich text editing
Scripting: Implemented Node.textContent property from DOM 3 Core
Scripting: Added support for onreadystatechange events, and the readyState property
Scripting: Implemented scripting support for canvas
Scripting: Added window.getSelection, and associated methods
Scripting: XMLHttpRequest returns the status code for the cached page if the request returns the cached page
Scripting: Fix to allow scripts to override a CSS #double #id selector
Scripting: Fix to prevent CSS generated content being duplicated when element contents are changed with scripts
Scripting: Fix to reset scrolling as needed when removing content from an element with overflow
Plug-ins: Added Netscape Plug-in API extensions developed by browser and plug-in vendors
Plug-ins: Fixed an issue when printing from Java
Display: Acid2 fixes
Display: Defaults
Display: Images
Display: Selectors
Display: Box, table, and inline
Display: Positioning
Display: Lists and generated content
Display: Background
Display: Other display
Site-specific settings are now available as part of the site-specific ini settings
Multiple stability fixes
Fonts selection now works correctly when more than 1024 fonts are installed