I have to print some images that are on this website: http://www.beaulieucommercial.com/colorline.asp?id=32 (and yes, I have their permission [img]/forums/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img] ). I opened up the BIGGER image (when you click on the thumnail), and edited it in Adobe Photoshop CS2. I changed the Image Size>Resolution from 72 to 300, (Resample Image unchecked), so the image's print size became smaller (about the size of the thumbnail image), but a lot more detailed and sharper.

I am using an HP 8450 Photo Printer, and under the Adobe Photoshop CS2 settings, Edit>Color Profiles>Working Spaces>RGB, there is an option that gives my printer's Color Profile (HP 8450). The default is sRGB.

I have been told that it is best to print and edit images with my printer's color profile. However, i am wondering if this would make a difference, or might even be detrimental in the final process, since I have to put the edited jpeg images into Microsoft Publisher 2002 and then print them out from there. In Microsoft Publisher 2002, I can't find a setting in which I can use my printer's Color Profile.

So, should I change the color profile in Adobe from the Default 'sRGB; to 'HP 8450'? Or will it just mess things up? Any other ideas on getting the most accurate colors?