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    Project 98 export cash flow to Excel

    In Project 98 (WinNT), how do I export a monthly or yearly cash flow to Excel?

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    Re: Project 98 export cash flow to Excel

    1. Click FILE, SAVE AS
    2. Choose Save As EXCEL,
    3. Click SAVE
    4. This Brings up "Export Format" Menu
    5. Choose "Cost Data by Task"
    6. Choose "edit" and check TASKS and RESOURCES
    7. Click "Task Mapping"
    8. Click on the 1st cell under "From Microsoft Project Field" and then Click the down arrow to select: cost, duration, early (or late) Start, early (or late) Finish, Name, Resource Names and Work
    9. CLICK OK
    10. CLICK Resource Mapping and Select:
    11. Cost, name, work, start, and finish
    12. Specify a Destination Worksheet name
    13. Click OK
    This will give you two WS in EXCEL. One with costs by Task for different time intervals and one with costs by Worker for different time intervals

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