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    access compared to Oracle SQL/PL (access2000)

    I have a question about using my knowledge from oracle programming background towards an access data base.
    I am about to take on a project to organize my data. it has about 10000 data points so it a rather large amount of data.
    I learned about oracle sql in school and know the ropes and the vast amount of abilities this database language has to offer.
    Unforntunetly i am not able to pay to use oracle so I must use an alternative.

    My needs for the data base are
    a) store a vast amount of data. basically a input page containing 40 fields each job that is entered .
    [img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] ability to query to make data usable
    c) report data.

    i know these are the basic ideas behind a db but it brings me to my question and i am sure i can get a wise answer from this forums users.

    What would be the best alternative (cheap) database program or method to use for a flexible stready db?
    i have talked to a few people and the say you can use access as the front end and use a sequential language for the backend.
    is oracle sequential similar to microsoft sequentia language?
    if not and if so...dont crucifiy me, I know this question should be asked in the books and enzines forum!!!
    but is there a book out there on building a database step by step which will not lead me astray and ending up with a useless peice of junk?

    thats all for now, I thank you all for reading about my life issues




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    Re: access compared to Oracle SQL/PL (access2000)

    Hans has already answered as to the capebility of Access, just as an additional comparison, I am familiar with Oracle SQL/PL and you will see many similarities in Access. I used to have a book that compared the two and described the differences between Access and Oracle SQL/PL. Not really a lot of differences. You will find some things are particular to Access, but you will also find many similarities and you will be able to apply what you already know.


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    Re: access compared to Oracle SQL/PL (access2000)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    Access is quite capable of storing and processing tables with hundreds of thousands of records. It has good querying and reporting capabilities. Whether it is the best tool for you depends mostly on the use of the database. Access is a multi-user database, but it only works well with a limited number of concurrent users, in particular users entering/editing data. For example, 5 users entering data and 10 users browsing at the same time should be OK, but 15 users entering data simultaneously would slow down Access seriously.

    For a good book about database design, try Steven Roman's Access Database Design & Programming.

    Note: I think that the people you spoke to meant SQL (pronounced sequel), not sequential. Access uses (a dialect of) SQL as query language. Oracle, Microsoft's SQL Server and MySQL are server databases using SQL.

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