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    Linked tables but need to add data to database (Access 2000)

    Can anyone give me some guidance? I am trying to create an internal recruiting database. What I'd like to do is link my employee tables from my HRIS database so that I have current jobtitle, status, department etc. But, the problem I 'm having is that I need to create a form which will allow them to add information into the form not captured in the linked table. I need to capture interview date, job interviewed for, approved Y/N, etc... but I need to store the data in a table in access. How do I do this????

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    Re: Linked tables but need to add data to database (Access 2000)

    Create a table in the Access database and include an ID field that corresponds to an ID field in the linked table, for example SSN.
    On your forms, you can use a combo box based on the linked table to let the user select an employee.

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