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    I have a PC at home running ME, and a laptop at work running 98. I frequently bring the laptop home and connect or at least try to connect the two. Each time I do this, the W98 machine accesses the ME machine just fine, but I have to use the "Networking Wizard" @#$!% near everytime to get ME machine to see the W98 machine. Now heres the best part. I see the ME machine on the W98 machine, but do not see the W98 machine on the ME machine, but am still able to transfer files..... What oh What has Microsoft done.... any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Re: Networking

    I have experienced a similiar problem you have described and here's what I think I have discovered.

    I have Win98 on my laptop and my friend has WinMe on his laptop. Using a crossover cable, neither laptop shows up in Network Neighborhood until one of us types laptopname into the address box. I experienced the same situation with my Dad's ME laptop as well. However, when I plug my laptop into the network I have at home (through a hub) all of the machines see each other after a few minutes. My friend's laptop and home network works just fine for him. The only thing I can think of is the two different OS's don't like each other. Strange.

    As a workaround, try typing computername (where computername is the name of the computer you are looking for) in the address box and see what happens. I'd be interested in what you discover.


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    Re: Networking

    Two things you should check:

    1) A firewall will cause this to happen by hiding one or more machines.

    2) If the computers are not part of the same workgroup, and are not logging into a domain controller (usually found in an office and rarely at home) then they will not appear to each other, until the computer name or IP address is entered.

    You didn't say how you were connecting the two nor what network protocol (NetBEUI, TCP/IP, etc) you were using, so it's difficult to say.

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