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    populating a subform (2000 SR-1)

    I have a "student" table and form with various demographic details and I have a "Parents" table with a subform inside the student form. How do I make it so that I can select one record from the parent table that correlates that student with his/her parent and populates that subform with all of the parent demographic data? They are related by a "StudentID" field. Does that make any sense? (Each record of a parent could have 0-multiple students in the database; each student record would only be linked to one parent record.)

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    Re: populating a subform (2000 SR-1)

    How you do it depends on which way you want to view the data.

    One parent has multiple students. So if you viewed the info from the parent point of view you need to be able to see many students. For this you need a subform with the master and childs fields set to studentID.
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    Oops. If each parent can have multiuple children, the link between students and parents is via a parentID not a studentID. The students table will have a parentID field identifiying who their parent is. This field would then be used as the linking field between the form and subform

    However, if you view it from a student, there is only one parent to show, so you do not need a subform. Instead make a query that joins students with parents, and build a form on this query. This will enable you to show student and parent info in the one form.

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