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    OL 2000 SR-1 Calendar

    Good morning, I have a question related to the Calendar feature of Ms. Outlook 2000 SR-1.

    It is a small thing, but it is an irritating thing.

    When I open the Calendar the display shows the 31 Month style, as I wish to see since my planning is over the next 5-60 days. However, "today" is never in the same place. I will move the slide down so that the Calendar is advanced several months and then click on the [Go to Today] button. I would like to see "today" displayed in the top row each time that I open the Calendar.

    How do I set Calendar so that "today" is always in the top row when the Calendar is opened?

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    Re: OL 2000 SR-1 Calendar

    you can't get that specific - today should be in the view somewhere, depending on the view choosen, but you can't control where in the view.

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